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Wendy McNeill Review Your European Stage


With 8 albums behind her, the multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer Wendy McNeill continues to charm us with her neo-folk songs like a modern-day witch.

Her new album, "First There Were Feathers" (out May 23), is a plunge into the depths of time and dark waters, a shining example of her singular way of blending personal stories, myths and legends.

The project was born in the wake of a major forest fire that decimated much of the area around her home. Wendy was deeply affected by the change in landscape and, above all, by the silence it generated. This led her to delve into her memories, to recall what was there: the sound of wind in the pines, the hum of insects in the undergrowth and the songs of birds.

Drawing on scientific studies, personal experience, classic literature and myth, this is an album about the beauty, mystery and resilience of birds, and how our destiny is intimately linked to theirs. Weaving together stories, rhythms and notes to create soundscapes that recount the fauna and flora that collapse and then rebuild, shaken by natural disasters and other consequences of the modern world's climatic challenges.

An album that marks the high point of her career as a melodic storyteller, where she infuses softness with a sometimes dark and enigmatic atmosphere. The poetry and delicacy of her voice dispel the darkness of the subject matter and capture the audience's attention, hanging on her lips as she interprets the stories she tells with accuracy and emotion.