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A virtuoso accordionist, a dazzling arranger and a brilliant composer, Lionel Suarez is a man of rare artistic freedom. From Claude Nougaro, André Minvielle, Richard Bona, Didier Lockwood and Vincent Segal to Sanseverino, Olivia Ruiz, Yael Naim, Bernard Lavilliers and the great Jean Rochefort, the accordionist has made a name for himself as a prestigious collaborator, playing with all styles.


Lionel Suarez is an accordionist who likes to thwart omens. He knows all the spells of virtuosity and loquaciousness, he embraces the waltz and soothes the melancholy with a science thought lost since the death of the old musette shamans. But he also knows how to invent mid-season skies, tropical climes and northern tundras. A free, prodigal, travelling musician, he sometimes puts down the accordion and switches to bandoneon, piano, bass and percussion. He composes, federates and assembles shows that are at once or successively music, theatre, audacity and vertigo.