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  • Paris, Salle Pleyel

Joaquin Sabina will be in Paris on 23 September for a unique concert in the Salle Pleyel.

Joaquin Sabina, a rocker with a husky voice, a recognised poet and an inspired musician, is a precocious talent. A poet at the age of 14, he finally discovered his passion for rock music when he met the rockabilly group the Merry Youngs. In 1970, the political context in Spain forced him into exile. He left for London where he lived for seven years.In 1976, after this long and difficult exile, he returned to Spain where he finally recorded his first album, the starting point of a long and successful career. Countless concerts and some twenty albums sold millions of copies, making him a key artist in Spain and Latin America. Sabina has also published several collections of poems and collaborated with major Spanish artists who have asked her to write their songs.

Against the implacable wind of the passing years, against the dark tide of the drifting times, against all odds, Joaquin Sabina, at seventy-four years of age, back from the brink and cured of his old age, announces his return to the stage to the delight of himself and his audience. These are unmissable events for this survivor who - yes, no one can lie - will never tire of celebrating with his songs the irreverent and passionately beautiful vision of life, of the perfidious night, of feverish love and the absolute lack of love.