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Cedric Hanriot Your European Stage

Cédric Hanriot is an award winning pianist, composer, arranger, sound designer, and music producer.  After a successfull carreer as a pianist, he went with at the age of 31 to Boston to benefit from the teaching of Terri Lyne Carrington, the drummer of Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, winner of three Grammy Awards. In 2011, Terry Lyne Carrington co-produced the first solo album of Cédric Hanriot: "French Stories", released with John Patitucci on bass.

After this, Herbie Hancock himself invited Cédric Hanriot to come to his studio in Los Angeles to assist him for a month in preparation for his solo piano world tour in 2012.
Cédric Hanriot would later serve as pianist and sound designer on Dianne Reeves’s album Beautiful Life, which won the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album in 2015.

During these years, the sound designer Cédric Hanriot has been able to sharpen his unique style that incorporates acoustic elements (acoustic piano, prepared piano) as well as electronic elements (vocoder, sound design, prepared piano).

This is exactly what relates his last album « Time is color », released on September 09, 2022 (Morphosis Arts/Inouie Distribution). This new album is a powerful mixture between jazz and urban sound. Cédric Hanriot collaborates with different rappers like Charles X or Tony Moreau to add a voice dimension to his partition. Between acoustic instruments (piano, double bass, drums) and electronic textures, the music of this project has an almost cinematic dimension.

With this album, the artist wanted to share his own perception of time and to offer to the audience a time-lapse to think. We can perceive a moment as long or short, whereas “objective” time is not so abstract. That thought really got him to try to write tunes that would translate these thoughts and feelings into music.

Herbie Hancock kept in touch with Cedric Hanriot over the years and was really enthusiastic about the album Time is color.  He said : "I heard the whole album “Time is Color” twice so far and new elements continue to unfold. It’s truly terrific.The music material and the approach are groundbreaking."

The band likes to build relationships within local communities in ways that go beyond the actual concerts themselves. There is the possibility to invite them for a masterclasses / workshops and they are always more than happy to offer any type of musical exchange / collaboration with local music schools.


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Date City Place Country Booking
2024-02-02 Kolding Kolding Festival Denmark Tickets
2024-03-23 Versaille Versailles Jazz Festival France
2024-05-15 Longjumeau Longjumeau Festival France
2024-05-24 Paris La Gare/Gore France
2024-05-25 Paris La Gare/Gore France
2024-07-07 Pont-à-Mousson France

Past dates (current year only)

Date City Place Country
2023-01-24 Freibourg IKF Germany
2023-01-27 Zurich Moods Switzerland
2023-02-04 Paris Conservatoire de Malakoff France
2023-02-06 Paris Studio de l’Ermitage France
2023-02-11 Conflans Ste Honorine Festival Jazz au Confluent France
2023-03-01 Rome Alexanderplatz Jazz Club Italie
2023-03-02 Rome Alexanderplatz Jazz Club Italie
2023-03-03 Rome Alexanderplatz Jazz Club Italie
2023-03-25 Paris Conservatoire de Malakoff France
2023-04-14 Paris Conservatoire de Malakoff France
2023-04-17 Paris Conservatoire de Malakoff France
2023-05-19 Tübingen Jazzclub Tübingen Germany
2023-05-20 Saarbrücken Ketten Fabrik Germany
2023-05-27 Marly Marly Jazz Festival France
2023-06-23 Düren Jazztage Düren Festival Germany
2023-06-25 Paris La Gare/Le Gore France
2023-06-30 Vienne Jazz à Vienne Festival France
2023-07-06 Pruntova Vonge Festival Estonia
2023-07-07 Thionville JazzPote Festival France
2023-07-09 Furdenheim Festival Vents D’Est France
2023-07-28 Marciac Jazz in Marciac France
2023-07-29 Marciac Jazz in Marciac France
2023-08-27 Paris Festival Art District France