Our skills

Simultaneously artistic agency, director of production, tour managervisual designer, Your European Stage adapts to the needs of its artists, and partners.

Taking a project abroad is exciting, but brings with it the likelihood of technical difficulties, legal complications, and communication problems, all of which can be very wearing.

Your European Stage puts its network of professionals and its international know-how at your disposal to help carry through your project, from its country of origin to its destination (one or several countries).

Our connections :

a vast network of promoters, artists, technical suppliers and technicians, record companies, travel agencies, bookers, press attachés, venues…


Our commitments :

  1. the economic viability of the project (according to mutually agreed specifications)
  2. technical and organisational efficiency
  3. complete openness and accountability in all our dealings
  4. particular emphasis given to comfort and pleasure during our adventure together 


Our strong points :

17 years of experience in several countries handling varied projects with different forms and objectives means that we are able to adapt to the specific nature of YOUR project.