Project for seminars in the United States: “How should an American musician approach the European market? “


Your European Stage is a well-established European company with a strong experience in organising international tours. We have been solicited by several American artists and agents who wish to benefit from our practical knowledge

We came up with the  idea of offering talks and seminars so that we could directly share our expertise and our experience in organising tours in different countries, where practice and culture vary enormously. 


Our target public

American musicians and groups wishing to penetrate the European market, or any people working with and for these musicians.


The objective of our seminar is to give any American musician or group an overall vision of the European market as well as concrete tools enabling them to understand how to approach the market. 


Our subject will be the European market: its particularities (as compared to the American market), its multiple component parts and cultures, the different ways in which bookers and producers see their work.  

Concrete tools and resources will be provided, dealing with administrative legislation, legal and financial information, organisational and technical logistics (regulations governing transport by land, how airline companies operate…)

People working within the profession will be present to talk about their experiences and several have already agreed to participate: an American musician who tours Europe, a Dutch agent, an American tour manager, etc…


Dates are currently being worked out. Cities which have been approached: Portland, Nashville, Atlanta, New York


An opportunity to cross the ocean and develop a career in Europe…