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Patrice Thibaud - "COCORICO"

  • Tour agent
  • For the Théâtre de Nîmes
  • Territories : Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, Italy

With Patrice Thibaud and Philippe Leygnac

Patrice Thibaud and Philippe Leygnac could be Laurel and Hardy in French. One is awkward and a bit shy. The other is clever and lively. 
Without a word, they size each other up, they are annoyed, they flee to research- expensive as they no longer see. Both play, dream or play to dream. 
They cross the Tour de France, a July 14 parade, majorettes, fireworks, sea lions, cowboys or tawny trainers. Cocorico is a show based on the body of Patrice Thibaud virtuosity and sense of observation, which evokes with humor and poetry hopes and faults, our habits and perdition, our ma- ned and our affection. Musical devil, the duet between a child like grown too fast and explosive player, relying on the collective memory, in the tradition of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati.

A piano, three panels, few accessories; Cocorico is a show without words, while humor and delicacy, which is heavily corporal game and music, with the invention of the actor and the imagination of audiences of all ages, taking in a jubilant delirium.

For Cocorico, Patrice Thibaud surrounds the musician Philippe Leygnac and directors Michele Guigon and Susy Firth, a team at the height of his creativity to create a burlesque show which has already attracted thousands of spectators worldwide.

Patrice Thibaud and Philippe Leygnac do their gentle madness a pleasure shared by the public. From almost nothing that is, the time of Cocorico, great art.

Doubly awarded a Herald Angel at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2009) and an award at the Montreux Comedy Festival (2012) as the best visual spectacle, Cocorico was played more than 450 times worldwide.


On tour with Yes from 2018


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